Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Primavera Latest Features

Real Project Scenario workout

This the first kind of this nature/field in India at Chennai where  trainee directly exposure to  the real  Project  which is Progressing right now any where the World !
Intensive training and Our expertise  in the field of planning could help the aspirant's need and requirement and  also understanding of  organizing and planning projects.

The CORE NEED of Project shall be thought in the following Area

Those who  plan to  switch over to Planning field shall be familiarized with our traning with the followings

  1. How to plan a project
  2. Making of Model Project of current World  scenario 
  3. Set out  team/Proposal
  4. Schedule Development
  5. Cost Loading
  6. S-Curve Development
  7. Schedule Efficiency Analysis
  8. Recording project progress
  9. Risk Analysis  
  10. Threshold parameter Setting and Monitoring
  11. Corrective Action
  12. Schedule modification
  13. Recovery Schedule 
  14. Closing Project
  15. Project/Planning Manager's Interview  model Questions  and Review  

So the person shall be trained  such a way to  confidently face the  new  project environment and cope up  with the new  situation immediately   to deliver things effectively.

EVEN MORE DETAIL DO CONTACT ME ON +91 9578355584  MAIL ME ON admin@softprojects.in and surf  in  web  www.softprojects.in


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